Tips for outdoor decorating

Tips for outdoor decorating

Before heading outside for holiday decorating, have a plan in mind so you’ll be prepared to deck the halls safely. Here are some tips to consider:

Look up and around

When installing lights, be mindful of your surroundings and locate overhead powerlines. They may be hidden within trees. Always keep your decorating tools such as ladders and extension poles three metres away from powerlines. Electricity can arc and direct contact is not required for serious injury.

Add colour
Lights come in all shapes and colours. Consider a palette that goes with the outside of your home, and even the neighbourhood. Think gold and red to add warmth or blues and whites for drama. You can collaborate with your family and neighbours on a fun look this year.

Plug in safely
Make sure that your electrical décor, such as lights or an inflatable Santa, is approved or certified and for outdoor use. It’s always best to plug electrical decorations into GFCI-protected outlets. The number of hazards outdoors increases and GFCI-protected outlets help to keep you safe when plugging in decorations. If you don’t have GFCIs, you can use a portable one or hire a licensed electrical contracting business to install one permanently. While it is fun to brighten up outside, be mindful of energy use. Set reminder or use an approved automatic timer to turn décor on and off.

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