Get your home winter-ready with a few handy tips

Get your home winter-ready with a few handy tips

As Canadians, the routine of preparing ourselves for the winter months is one that is all too familiar. Well before the first snow fall, we make sure our fleeced jackets, gloves, and boots are ready to go. But when it comes to prepping the house for those cold and snowy months ahead – well that’s a different story. To help get your home winter-ready, we’ve rounded up some useful tips. 

Cut the draft

Keeping the heat in and the cold out should be at the top of your list when winter-proofing your house. The best way to do this is by making sure your windows and doors are properly sealed. If you feel a draft around a door or window frame, you may want to replace the weather-stripping to ensure a tight seal. 

Empty exterior pipes

To avoid having your water pipes freeze and burst, shut off the water supply to all outdoor taps and faucets until next spring. It’s also important to open the taps and drain them completely once you’ve turned them off. 

Inspect gutters, roof, and exterior walls

Emptying gutters of clogged leaves, dirt and debris can help ensure proper drainage of any rain or melting snow. You’ll also want to make sure your gutters are firmly attached. While you’re up there, inspect your roof for any broken, loose, or missing shingles. Replacing damaged shingles will help avoid any leaks that could happen if the temperature drops with a pile of snow on the roof. If you have a metal roof you may want to consider installing snow jacks. Snow jacks help prevent snow and ice from falling off your roof all at once which can cause damage to your gutters and other objects or people below your roof.

Have your furnace professionally serviced

It’s a good idea to schedule a maintenance check each year to ensure your furnace is in good working order. Doing this not only ensures you’ll stay warm inside, but regular maintenance can also help prevent major problems down the road, saving you more money in the long run. 

While these activities may seem tedious, prepping your home for the winter should be a routine that becomes familiar with time. You will find everything you need to get your home winter ready at all three of our RONA locations – Dutton, Rodney and Springfield.
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